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Welcome to CrossFit Gig Harbor, where our system is simple: Train. Breathe. Recover. We offer a three-pronged approach to improved health and wellness and we make it a priority to work with people of all experience levels.

Train: Work toward your Strength and Conditioning goals in our CROSSFIT Classes.

Breathe: Put on a Heart Rate Monitor and push through guided workouts in our UNDERGROUND Classes to increase your Aerobic Capacity and Cardiovascular Fitness.

Recover: Restore and stretch in our Vinyasa for Athletes and Physical Therapist led MOBILITY Classes.

Our team is committed to helping you make your goals a reality and we're ready to get started today. Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about everything we have to offer.

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This place is more than a gym it is a second home for my family and I. As a firefighter I consider myself an occupational athlete and the workouts at Crossfit Gig Harbor push me to physically get better every day. As a person, the coaches and people inspire me to be a better person. It’s a community that lifts each other up and will meet you wherever you are in life. After six years I can honestly say I am a better version of myself and highly encourage anyone to join this community.

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Jordan R.

Hands down the best. From the staff to the members, to the equipment and the facilities, you're going to get a world-class experience here from people who genuinely want to see you become a better human. My only advice? Don't be shy and come ready to work. Wherever you're at in your fitness and/or CrossFit journey, you can come here to flourish, to be groomed, and to reach heights you never thought possible before. I love CF Gig Harbor!

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Alix B.

I came to Crossfit GH nearly 10 years ago as an athlete without direction. It was my first year competing in the professional ranks as a Downhill Mountain biker and I was training like a total amateur. I reached out to David explaining my goals as an athlete and the sport-specific training needs that came with the rigors of Mountain Biking. He accepted me into his gym with open arms and accelerated my training beyond anything I had experienced. Breaking the mold was hard, but I soon learned accountability through my attendance and was given the mental strength needed for the challenging hurdles of my sport. 

Soon my results started to speak for the training as I secured podium finishes and solidified sponsorships that have lasted year after year. Since then I have not only found my place as a professional athlete, but have been given the leadership tools to start my own team and give back to riders who are starting their professional careers. I now manage 3 elite level riders under what is now one of the top Downhill programs in the Country. Success that I truly believe stemmed from my first meeting with David a decade ago. 

David has been more than just a coach to me. He is one of my greatest mentors and a dear friend. The care that he puts into training all of his athletes is unquestioned. He is truly there to guide us not only in the gym but in life. If you are looking for a home to test yourself mentally and physically all while building lasting relationships with like minded athletes, look no further. Crossfit GH is one of a kind. 

CrossFit near Gig Harbor

Matt O.

World class coaching and programming with a focus on the athlete as a whole. The structure of weekly workouts from yoga, high intensity cardio training, to CrossFit has proven serious results in my real life applications and made me a stronger competitor. I love being a part of this gym!

CrossFit near Gig Harbor

Natasha W.

CrossFit Gig Harbor isn’t simply 4 walls closing in free weights, treadmills, and obligatory flexing mirrors. Coaches take the time to get to know you and your body while classmates enfold you into the community founded on good people and healthy lifestyles. After only a few months at the gym, coaches became my big brothers, classmates became my close friends, and I became a better version of myself. While CFGH prepared my body for high school and college sports, it also boosted my confidence and mental toughness to see challenges through. I cannot recommend this gym and family highly enough.

CrossFit near Gig Harbor

Mia P.

I’ve never recommended a gym in my life, but Crossfit Gig Harbor certainly deserves it. David has a fantastic philosophy both in and out of the gym. Through his training, he has helped me avoid injury, lose weight, get stronger, faster, and reduce recovery times. His focus on technique, stability, and the often forgotten muscles have been instrumental to my success. Additionally, the other coaches have been extremely helpful in following that same philosophy. Amazing program and community.

Richard W.

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