Chris Barrett

Chris Barrett


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For most of my adult life I was focused on work and providing for my family while neglecting myself.  Sure, I would make it to the gym most of the time out of obligation, but any progress I would make would quickly be erased by poor nutrition, poor choices, and a desire to be comfortable.  As my personnel life took a major turn, I was fortunate enough to choose a difficult path rather than the easy path of being a victim.  I accepted responsibility for my place in life and the consequences of my choices.  Since then, I am down 40 pounds, and it is fair to say that in my 40s I am in the best shape of my life.  I traded some not so positive habits for a life that is focused on working toward being a better me.  Introduced to CrossFit in 2017 by my sister and her husband, it is now a foundational part of my routine.  CrossFit allows me to be a better father, to improve my relationships with family and friends and to serve my community.  In the few years since, the universe offered me an opportunity to provide leadership to our gym community, perhaps as a way of returning the favor for the positive impacts it has had on me.  While I wish I would have started this journey decades ago, it is never too late to start.

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