Kyra Wiens


Kyra Wiens

In teaching yoga, Kyra Wiens hopes to share a sense of curiosity and wonder for our own selves with her students. Her yoga classes offer students a safe space to explore breath, try on traditional and challenging asanas, and be present. She incorporates anatomical cues for strong alignment and physical therapy techniques.

As a professional Ironman triathlete, she brings a unique perspective on how physical and mental aspects of yoga can increase performance. Kyra has finished in the top 15 of all her pro triathlon races over the last two years; highlights include taking fourth at Ironman Vineman and winning SavageMan 70.0.

Kyra completed her 200-hour teacher training at Live Well Studio in Oregon and has been teaching since 2018. She is married to a U.S. Air Force pilot and is privileged to be a "bonus" mom for two amazing kids.

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