Its a New Year at CrossFit Gig Harbor

It’s a new year at CrossFit Gig Harbor, and 2015 will certainly be met with a continued effort to strengthen both mind and body.  We are set for another amazing year of people coming to the gym every day to work hard and better themselves in whatever capacity they are looking for.  We all have different goals and we come from all different walks of life.  However, we all share something together in the gym.  We all show up and give every workout our best each day.  Some days are better then others but every day we can look back and say I gave what I had. 

We would like to make a couple announcements as we move in to the new year.


Everyone needs to set three goals for themselves for 2015.  These are things you seek to achieve in the gym.  It could be to get your first muscle up or handstand.  It can be to reach a body weight back squat or bench press.  It can even be to get an as prescribed Fran or under a certain period of time.  Goals are very important in the gym and in life in general.  Only two rules apply: 1) make it achievable, and 2) write it down somewhere and show someone.  We will post something on Facebook so you can publicly declare your goals if you would like.  If not, write it in your book in the gym.


This year we are going to try something new with some benchmark workouts specific to you and our gym.  There will be three of them and they are meant to measure your progression in strength as well as your metabolic conditioning.  All three are set and the first one will be announced January 5th.  We will do one per month in January, February, and March and then repeat each in April, May, and June.


This past month we put some phenomenal totals on the board and crushed some of our favorite workouts; or maybe not our favorite but we crushed them anyway.  Now, in the new year, we are going to refocus in some key areas to continue to improve. We, your coaches, have put tremendous effort to further our knowledge and continue to learn and grow every day.  Over the past few weeks we have put together a template that will allow us to continue to maximize your potential as a human being and further your ability to operate the machine that is your body.  The template will be a combination of what we know and love with some direct and specific skill work.  We will still squat every week, because no matter what a heavy back squat is the base of all fitness.  We are going to incorporate more Olympic Lifting and Olympic Lifting skill work as well.  Improving your abilities in the snatch, the clean, and the jerk, is going to make you a better mover and help you get better at everything else we do.  This is an undeniable fact, period, end of story.  Trust us.  There will also be a ton of other skill and mobility work integrated including lots of handstands.  


The bottom line is we could not be more excited to see what we can do in another year at CrossFit Gig Harbor.  Thank you for being part of this great community.  See you at the gym!


CFGH Coaches