5 Simple Nutrition Rules Not From a Nutritionist

By Blake

There are a ton of diet plans, meal plans, supplement plans, magic pills, Paleo this, Paleo that, and so on,  out there in the fitness world.  It seems like there is something new every day andIt is definitely too much to keep up with.  The fact is some work for certain people and others do not.   In the real world it is hard for many people to follow a strict Paleo plan, or to continually invest $100's of dollars in supplements.  Over the past 6 years I have gone through a ton of trial and error with diets, meal plans, paleo, and supplementation.  In that experience I believe I have found a set of rules that if followed, one can find themselves as close to a perfect eater as is realistic for most people in their every day life.  If you can eat Paleo, or similar, do that.  Paleo yields close to the best results out there.  However, if you are in a position where you are living in reality then try and follow these rules and see what can happen.  It is not an overnight fix, and it does take following them day in and day out.  The key is to be diligent and to stick with it.  If you do that you WILL see results in how you feel and look.

The Rules:

1) Drink only water - as close to a gallon a day as possible.  Yes, it is a lot but it is necessary and its not that hard after a day or two of doing it.

2) Eat Every  3 (ish) hours - the "ish" is really only about a 30 min window.  This is the most often overlooked and yet probably the most important.  Don't miss a meal, and a bowl of cereal, a power bar, or a muffin DO NOT count.  A meal is at the very least protein and veggies.

3) Eat Enough Protein - Eat protein at pretty much every meal.   This can include whey protein but be careful and read labels.  I have a couple I like and you can email me if you have questions on that.

4) Little to NO sugar - just lay off the sweets most of the time.  I am not saying don't eat your kid's birthday cake, but if you have a sweet tooth fight it.  No amount of working out earns you cupcakes, period.

5) No pasta, no bread, eat GOOD carbs - wheat pasta, wheat bread, whole wheat, whole grain whatever is still bread.  Stay away from bread.  I am NOT saying don't eat carbohydrates.  Eat good low glycemic carbohydrates; yams, unsweetened oatmeal, etc.  If you east most of your carbs around your workouts that is best.  Fruit counts too!

note: I am not a nutritionist, so I am not claiming to be anything I am not.  What I am is someone who has formulated these opinions from my own trial and error.  The shit works...

Questions: Email me: blake@crossfitgigharbor.com