Your Excuse is Bunk part 3

by crabcakesandcrossfit []

1. A bad knee.  I tore my ACL when I was in high school.  Really? And you are 30 (or older) now.  You tore your ACL/MCL/PCL/meniscus in high school and you are STILL using that as an excuse?  That is lame.  That is why you say you can’t squat? But taking a shit doesn’t give you knee pain right?  Guess what, squatting is the same motion, butt/hips back first and keep your shin vertical.

My dad doesn’t any cartilage in either of this knees.  And he can squat to full depth.  Two of our other female athletes had torn miniscus.  They still squat.  We have properly rehabbed (and prehabbed) athletes that had torn ACL/MCL/PCL and 6 months later hit PR squats to full depth.  Coach Lonnie had a dislocated knee 6 months ago and was on crutches for 2 months, she pulled 225 for 3 sets of 3 the other day and then put 130 lbs (her bodyweight) over her head.  But it’s cool I know that knee really bothers you.

2. A bad back.  Which was it?  Did you hurt yourself with crappy form pulling a “heavy” deadlift or are you so out of shape that you “threw your back out” doing something like lifting the end of a couch to vacuum?

We have 2 female athletes who were in brutal car crashes 3ish years ago where there was serious trauma to their vertebrae.  Guess what they deadlift? 280lbs and 230 lbs.

These ladies from front to back have had: spinal disc injury, spinal vertebrae damage, torn ACL/MCL, spinal disc injury/dislocated knees (both), hip bursitis, torn forearm tendon and still manage to deadlift 280, 230, 175, 265, 230, and 225

Another one of our athletes has metal plates in her neck, she pulled 260 for 3 the other night.  One of our best athletes herniated several discs at the 2009 CF Games Regionals using shitty form to get through one of the WODs.  His PR before that competition was 365.  Guess what it is now? 435.  But hey I know your back really bothers you.

3.A bad shoulder.  Did you have a shoulder impingement/torn labrum/torn rotator cuff/dislocated or separated shoulder?  One of our athletes has the WORST shoulders on the planet.  We just do not let her do any overhead work, but she still squats, deadlifts, and double-unders her way through WODs.  Coach Lonnie had a shoulder impingement for 6 months and come back to PR by 15lbs putting her bodyweight overhead and now is crushing handstand pushups.  I had a dislocated and separated right shoulder in college and recently put more than 1.5 times my bodyweight overhead.  But hey, I know that shoulder really bothers you.

But if you really have a back/knee/shoulder problem we can work around it.  Ever heard of unilateral work? Ever heard of scaling?

Cartman thinks your "injury" excuse is lame. For seriously.

If you think your excuse is good enough, check out Kyle Maynard’s site and rethink that statement. 

I’m gonna get in shape and then come to see you. . . .

This is just the height of stupidity.  Now what we do is get people in shape.  you come to us to get in shape.  You cannot get good at CrossFit by just running or “doing weights” or even just getting really strong.  I’ve mentioned this before, but imagine fitness as a mountain.  The top of the mountain is your genetic potential (which VERY VERY few really ever reach).  There are many ways to reach that and many paths.  Some paths are much slower and you might never even get 1/10th of the way up the mountain(elliptical, Jazzercise).  Some paths are very fast but dangerous (steroids, HgH).  Other paths will take you to heights you never thought you could reach (CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Strongman).

None of our athletes were the monsters they are now when they started with us.  No one was a former pro, semi-pro, or division 1 athlete.  Yes, some played sports in HIGH SCHOOL and some were more athletic than others, but no one was in “CrossFit-shape” or were truly strong when they joined us.