Your Excuse is Bunk part 2

by crabcakesandcrossfit []

But I don’t have the time. . . . .

There are 168 hours in a week.  If you have a full time job you have 128-118 hours left.  Since we are in a DC suburb I will even throw in 10 commute hours for you.  You now have 108 hours left.  After sleep (8 hrs.) you have 52 hours left.  If you do not have kids this is what is left over for “your time”.  Of course you have to errands and cook.  So one hour every day for errands and 2 hours to cook leaves you with 43 hours.  If you have kids lets give you 1 hour daily to spend time with them which leaves 36 hours.  If they have after-school/sports activities that is 3-8 hours out of your week.  So if you have kids you still have 24 hours left.  If Jack Bauer can save the world for 9 seasons in 24 hours you can find the time to get in here at least 3 times a week.

How will you spend it? Watching fucking Sex and the City? “Oh but I love Miranda, she’s an independent woman just like me!”  Fuck that.  You know what independent women do? Take ownership of their fitness and go out and put something heavy over their head. 

Nicole C. and Eva T. put time into thier training instead of watching Tivo

Dont tell me you need all that time to check Facebook either.  I know you all check it on your smartphones anyway, or while you are at work (I see you government workers). 

“But it’s football season, I need to watch games from 1-10 on Sat. and 1-10 on Sun.  Really?  Look I know football is awesome, but how about getting off your ass and trying to train to be a little more like the athletic badasses you watch. 


It’s too hard. . . . .

“I could never do that.  I don’t know how to do that exercise.  That is too many reps.”  Yes, you can, you just have to be open to thinking outside the “common knowledge” of fitness. 

I have a 60 year female client who does CrossFit.  She started with me three years ago.  She has battled through  a broken ankle, a torn meniscus, the death of pets and loved ones.  She pushes prolwers, drags sleds, flips tires, swings sledgehammers, pushes bars over head, and does power cleans and pullups.  Did I mention she is 60?  But it’s too hard for you?

Coach Lonnie has a 55 year old female client whose fibromyalgia has all but disappeared thanks to CrossFit and eating Paleo.  She battled through family tragedy while her husband went through chemo.  She does the same stuff  our regular athletes do.  We just scale the load and the reps.  But it’s too hard for you?  Did I mention she is 55?

Judy Bear knows overhead is OVERHEAD

But these women are empowered through what you think is hard.  You will feel uncomfortable in the beginning.  But you will improve your quality of life.  You will gain confidence.  You will look, feel, and perform better.  If you never do things that are hard or challenging in life, you will never get very far.